bobby billy john mayer charlotte

See it yet?

I’ll give you a second.

Found it?

The triumphant return of Bobby’s Fanny Pack!

Please don’t capitalize it.

It’s special.

It is not. And you know as well as I do that capitalizing things is the first step along your delusional path.

Oh, no.

Yes. Next you start making shit up about it, and then you start talking to it. And it’s getting to be weird.


“I can tell you what’s in Fanny Pack.”

Oh, hey, Red Metal Stool.

THIS. THIS is what I’m talking about.

You’re being very rude to Red Metal Stool.

“Put some respect on my name.”

I’m out.





Did you just get in a semi-truck and drive over a thousand foot cliff into a river?


“Then how is he still talking to you?”

Don’t worry about it.