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The Daily Recounting 3/22/17

One hopes for the best. One perseveres. One re-evaluates constantly. One is an asshole if one doesn’t. – E.B. Farnum, Deadwood

So let us re-evaluate: Why the fuck am I a Democrat, anyway? They’ve got balls like beebee pellets, and spaghetti arms, and Christ do they fucking simper. Not a saboteur or showman in the bunch; devoid of charisma and saddled with Chuck Schumer’s sing-song hectoring; terrified of appearing rude. THROW SOME FUCKING ELBOWS, ASSHOLES.

First of all, you’re not a Democrat.

I vote Democrat.

Can we discuss the horrors of First Past The Post voting?

I’ll strangle you with my headphone cord. Next liberal that explains FPTP to me is getting strangled. You want a Parliament, move to Funkytown.

It would make sense that the governing body of Funkytown would be a Parliament.

Can I get back to the day, please? Stuff happened.

Stuff’s always happening with these fuckers.

The current American government fucks up more before breakfast than most governments do all day.

It’s like everyone is trying to set personal records. Okay, get back to it.

Right, so: the Senate Democrats are trying to strike some deal with the GOP. They could filibuster Gorsuch, but the Republicans could change the rules and kill the filibuster; to be fair, that’s precisely the bullshit the Dems did last time they were in power in the Senate. Enthusiasts, you know how I despise the easy and unthinking false equivalency of “both sides are equally evil and corrupt.” There is no comparison between the two parties on either evilness or corruptness, but neither side has a monopoly on short-sighted lust for temporary power.

Gorsuch is probably getting in, but he won’t change the makeup of the Court; he’s the exact same kind of asshole that Scalia was, and decisions will go back to being four against four with Kennedy making up the swing vote. (I think Justice Kennedy gets sexual thrills from being the swing vote.)

And the President’s a Russian stooge, and the Secretary of State doesn’t want his job, and the House is full of complete numbskulls, and Jesus I can’t do this tonight.

Fuck it: here’s a little girl stealing the Pope’s hat:



  1. In other news, some burnout is trying to hock a wooden box in Cotati.

  2. Just keep showing the kid and the pope.

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