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The Days Beyond

Jerry Garcia Flipping the Bird

Fine, I’ll be the one to say it: can we not do the Days Between any more? They’re fucking maudlin and I ran out of jokes three days ago. Let’s just do his birthday, huh? Or–and if this turns out to be the plan we go with, then I demand payment and credit–why don’t we do the Days Between every four years like the Olympics? We don’t have to hold them in Rio, either: we can just do it on the innertubes and at Phil’s restaurant like we do now. The backyard at TXR would be great for the Opening Ceremonies.

And I am aware that there are several commercial interests that would prefer to keep Death Week going, but we don’t have to listen to them if we don’t want to.

I love Garcia. We all love Garcia This is not in question But the Days Between are like a Sadness Hanukkah, or a Morose Kwanzaa. It would be one thing if Garcia’s death came first and we could build to his birth, but that’s not how it happened, so instead the first week of August is a Countdown to Heart Failure, the Ninth looming in the middle distance like the damned Babadook.

The Days Between are depressing and I think I’m done with them.


  1. I’ve written a response/comment/screed five times already and deleted them all.

    But I agree. It would be more fun to celebrate the date his finger was chopped off.

  2. Had a double bacon cheeseburger from the San Rafael A&W today while listening to the new Dave’s Pick. We all celebrate / grieve in our own way I suppose.

  3. According to my best understanding of modern physics, every instant of Garcia’s life is out there in Spacetime permanently. As is every other instant that’s ever been.

    See here how everything
    Lead up to this day
    And it’s just like any other day
    That’s ever been

    Reflections on life and mortality are practically the essence of Grateful Dead.

    I don’t think we have seen the surface of the commercial possibilities of the Days Between even scratched. The satanic mills of commerce will grind on.

  4. oh, thank goodness. it starts out okay, but just gets sadder and sadder. thank you, totd!

  5. Thinking of things between.

    In potato salad, you have potatoes sure, but what is between the potatoes?

  6. A Zappa-oriented blog I used to follow did a “days between”-type schtick that he called “Zappadan.” It ran out of steam after the third year or so, ’cause you can only go to the well so many times.

  7. I’ve never liked the term “Days Between”. I’ve always preferred “Jerry Week” For a week & two days every year, I celebrate how much I loved the man by going out & seeing all the great live musical celebrations that happen to come by my way.

    I didn’t’ even know anyone was referring 1-9 as “Days Between” until GD merchandising started it.

  8. Not being religious I’ve often used “the days between ” as a sort of pseudo religious holiday. I’d say “Kind of like lent except Jerry died for his own sins.” “And he hasn’t been back “

  9. For a couple years I’d change my FB cover photo every day with a different pic of Garcia. Dig up an obscure-but-good version of “Days Between” or something else and FB flog it. How much can you do? And for how long? And to what point? Time is a stripper, doing it just for who, and why?. This year I changed my cover photo to this, didn’t think too much about it, and called it a week:

  10. Tuesday Jackson

    August 10, 2016 at 9:36 am

    a Sadness Hanukkah.
    It’s phrases like this that keep me hooked.

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