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The Dead Did It First

“Hey, which one of us is most unpleasant to look at?”


“Great, put him center stage.”


I’m pretty sure this is a composite photo, but it is a fact that there was a lunar eclipse during the Dead’s last of three shows in Egypt. This picture could be categorized as a recreation, I guess, like on those true crime shows that ladies all like.


  1. The Urban Image flag flying from the top of the pyramid is a dead give-away of time-sheath usage from one of the most enduringly popular of all time travel destinations.

    Notice how the global population keeps getting bigger and bigger? And the young people keep getting more and more insolent?

    None but the most intrepid punches their ticket for the pre flush-toilet part of the timeline. Yes, everyone marvels at the engineering of the Romans, and the sanitation and transport advances, and the fun at the Circus Maximus on a big day, the debauchery and the vomitoria. But how many actually go there?

  2. There are three rules I teach my history students, one of which I cribbed from this here blog: “The past was uniformly horrible.” (…even on those rare occasions when it wasn’t)

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