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The Deep State: An FAQ

What is the deep state?

Hey, now. You capitalize that phrase. How else will people know it’s real?

Sorry. What is the Deep State?

The Illuminati with computers.

Wasn’t Charlize Theron in that movie?

I think so.

Answer the question. Is it the CIA?

Could be.


Good possibility.


Why not, yeah.



I made that last one up.

Oh. Definitely, then.

You just gonna fuck around?

Okay: the term “Deep State” was previously used by spy folks and realpolitickers to describe places like Turkey or Egypt, and what it meant was “the people with the actual power.” Most authoritarian governments have some sort of parliament or congress or whatever just for show. The so-called Deep State would be made up of the tyrant, and his family, and the guy who owned the power company, and the guy who owned the oil company, and the top generals, and the head of the mafia.

And why are we hearing this term now?

It’s been repurposed by a select and telling few outlets to mean “a secretive and widespread cabal within the American government led by President Obama dedicated to bringing down Allfather Trump and smearing poor ol’ Putin.”


Exactly like fucking HYDRA.

That sounds dumb.

No, the idea that the Democrats were running an international childfucking cartel out of a pizzeria is dumb; this is just enemy-seeking bullshit.

Who are those “select and telling few outlets” you mentioned?

Breitbart for the down-market morons; Glen Greenwald for the up-market.

What’s the difference?

Down-market morons listen to talk radio, and up-market ones listen to podcasts of talk radio.

Oh. Is the Deep State the same thing as the Globalists?

No, the Deep State is the interior threat, and the Globalists are the exterior threat. Gotta have ’em both.


So that no matter what they do, they’re “defending themselves.”

You’re saying that this is thought-out strategy.

No. I’m sure it was a coincidence everyone picked up on this phrase in the same week.

So there’s no organized conspiracy to bring down the president.

There is no organized conspiracy.

What about the second part?

Oh, people are absolutely trying to bring the fucker down. It’s just not organized.

That sounds reasonable.

As opposed to everything else in the world.


  1. The Deep State well precedes any recent events or misuse of the term. If anyone cares for a serious discussion of it, rather than a mockery that minimizes the subject, please check out Peter Dale Scott. It’s not a cabal, and it’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’ as people put it these days (another term that has been misused and is a way to deride something so it is near universally regarded as the province of the mentally unstable and intellectually challenged)

    Before mocking this, why not take the time to really take a serious look into it? I know it’s easier and comfortable to just think it’s a two party system, with good guys on one side, and the bad guys on the other, and representative government that basically works as it should until now. But maybe, just maybe, guys like PDS and Howard Zinn are right, and there’s more going on than most care to admit.

    Oh, and you can find hard evidence for the Franklin scandal if you care to look. Seeing as how you referenced it.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      March 10, 2017 at 11:08 pm

      What is the Franklin scandal?

    • But, but…what if we all come here specifically for mockery that minimizes the subject?

      Since when is TOTD reponsible for trying to make sense of conspiracy theories?

  2. The deep state of the Grateful dead would have been … who?

    Parrish, or more?

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