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The Difference Between Theory And Practice

From a purely economic viewpoint, sucking dick for crack is the only way to pay for it. Money’s tight, but if you’ve got a pair of knee pads and a few tubes of chapstick, you can get yourself an awful lot of crack.

In fact, sticking with the financial slant on life, sucking dick is the only way to pay for a refrigerator, but they won’t let you do that, even if you’re really good at giving beejers. (You could probably get a discount.)


  1. My local appliance store has informed me that this* is not an optional payment plan.

    The young-ish Hookers agree.

    Then again, they’re a bit “uptight” anyway. Both.

    I’m sticking with my 1970’s Kelvinator.

  2. I’m trusting that at some point you’ll return to finish writing this entry.

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