Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The "E" Is For Epidemic

Harper Leebola only killed one person, but did it with such economy and grace that schoolchildren still read it and celebrities name children after it.

ZZbola has a beard or is named Beard (but does not have a beard.)

Threebola is a great name for a punt returner from Auburn: Threebola Jackson IV.

Kneebola is connected to your shinbola.

MisterTeebola causes you to pity fools. Also, liquefies some/most/all of your internal organs. But also the fool-pitying.

Farfrommebola just makes you go to the bathroom and maybe get a soda.

ERbola stays in your system for a decade and at first, it’s awesome. By the time things conclude, John Stamos has worked himself into the mix and death can’t come soon enough.

Smeebola causes you to wear striped shirts and not have any good songs.

Fleabola causes you to wear no shirts and not have any good songs.

TyCobbola makes you racist, but a hell of a scrappy competitor. But mostly racist.


  1. I like far from mebola, but I don’t get smeebola, please advise.

  2. AARRGGHH! I had me some Smeebola one time. T’weren’t shit compared to that case of Bow-Legged Clap I got in Lahaina.

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