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The Eyes Have It

bobby cray cray

“Well, they offered me a spot in the Young Artists’ show at the MOMA, but is the art ready, y’know? Where is my subject; where is my object: the grammar of the piece–and all the pieces I’m currently working on–is in flux, and yes that’s part and parcel, but the public can’t be expected to know that.

“He’s making that face again, isn’t he?”


Immediately after this photo was taken, Bobby mouthed “I’m gonna pork her.”


That is the best 2/3 of a face I’ve ever seen. She ain’t bad, either.


Bobby once dropped a taquito into his chest hair and couldn’t find it for three days.


For a Dead show, this woman is a B+, but for a Bobby & the Midnites show, she is an A+ with all the extra credit questions right.


Between the lower lip and the freckles on her upper chest, this woman is killing it. The grad school manicure is worth a couple points, too.


Words that can be used to describe Bobby’s chest hair: luxuriant, thatch, thicket, bramble, muzz, glorious, nipple-concealing, persuasive, manly, ‘Squatch-y.

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  1. Bob’s version of: “Boner Time?”

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