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The First Time Ever I Touched Your Face





Bobby, why is there so much touching?

“Sammy’s blind.”


“Oh, yeah. Blind as a Batman.”

That’s not right, either.

“Since birth. Started out as Little Sammy Hagar. Played harmonica.”

You’re talking about Stevie Wonder, Bobby.

“Not enough people talk about Stevie Wonder.”

True. What is this all about?

“Charity thing. Acoustic dealie. Whole bunch of folks coming out for a good cause.”

What cause?

“No idea.”


“Sammy called and asked. And, you know, I said ‘Sam, you don’t have to ask,’ and he said, ‘But how would you know about the show if I didn’t ask?’ and I said, “Ah.'”

This is a fascinating story.

“And, uh, he continued, ‘And obviously I’m not gonna tell you to do to the show,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, no, that would be rude,’ and Sammy asked what I had for lunch. ‘What did you have for lunch?’ he said, and I said–”

Bobby, please stop recounting your conversation with Sammy Hagar.

“So, now I’m here.”

Cool. Who else is on the bill?

“Those, uh, longhaired young men from Boo Boo and the Jammers.”

The Foo Fighters.

“All right. The guy who played Chewbacca is on drums.”

Nope. That’s Mick Fleetwood, but wow I totally see the resemblance now.

“Sammy Hagar’s here.”


“Who’s the fellow who plays too fast and wears fancy trousers?”

Steve Vai.

“He’s here. The girl with the high voice and the sad dogs.”

Sarah McLachlan.

“They should warn you before that commercial comes on.”


“I’ve been, you know, getting frisky with my wife–”

Natasha Monster.

“–and that damned dog dirge comes on and, you know, everyone put your boners away. Oh, and an Eagle is here.”

Joe Walsh?


I don’t care.

“And Sammy Hagar’s here.”

You’ve said that twice already.

“I’m really happy to see him.”


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  1. Listen man Bob and Sammy have an almost 45 year history appearing on stage”he can touch his face, the female part of the audience would approve.
    Allman Brothers Band with Bob Weir and Ronnie Montrose: RFK Stadium, Washington, DC June 9, 1973
    Back in the day, Bob Weir rarely made guest appearances, and almost never without Garcia. When the Dead played two nights with the Allman Brothers in 1973, members of the Allmans sat in with the Dead on the final day (June 10). It is somewhat forgotten that on the first day, the Allmans closed the show, and Bob Weir and Ronnie Montrose sat in for “Mountain Jam.” Montrose, in fact, was a great, underrated guitarist. He played on Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey album, for example, even though he had the most success as a hard rocker with Edgar Winter (“Frankenstein” and “Free Ride”) and his own band Montrose, featuring lead singer Sammy Hagar (“Bad Motor Scooter” and “Spaceage Sacrifice”).

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