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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The Giving Bush

Once there was a Giving Bush

Who loved a little boy.

The boy played in the yard near the bush

And the bush would say,

“Come play with me, little boy.”

The boy would say,

“Wha? No. Stop talking to me.”

And the Giving Bush gave the boy a present.

“Oh. A Mr. Sulu action figure missing an arm,”

The boy said. “No thank you.”

And the Giving Bush gave the boy some swatches of industrial carpeting.

“Why would I want that?” the boy said.

The Giving Bush followed up his first two gifts.

It gave the boy a cold meatloaf sandwich.

And a calendar from 2004.

Along with many bags of foreign candy.

“I do not want any of these things, Giving Bush.”

Then the bush gave the boy a home sushi-making kit.

“I gave this to you last Christmas, Giving Bush. Rude,”

The boy said, right before the Giving Bush gave him herpes.

“Dude, what the fuck?” said the boy who now had herpes.

And he played in the front yard from then on.

The Giving Bush was happy, because he did not like the boy.


  1. Like the poem but…the Giving Bush is a dude? Not liking that detail or associated mental image.

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