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The Greatest Mick You’ve Ever Seen

billy no mustache mickey95Ten minutes after Mickey had given him a friendly hug, Billy noticed his mustache was gone.

“The Magnificent Mickpocket strikes again!” Mickey yelled gleefully as he ran away. The mustache later turned up on Ebay under Mickey’s name; he claimed to have been hacked.


  1. Damn.. you are on a roll, unbelievable.

  2. I think there’s a song about this:

    Well this cat named Mickey came from out of town, yeah
    He was spreading new dance all around
    And in just a matter of a few days, yeah
    His dance became the new teenage craze

    And the people see him dancing they begin to see
    To see this cat do that monkey thing
    It’s really something to see
    This cat named Mickey’s doing that monkey

    C’mon let’s do Mickey’s monkey children
    Yeah, let’s do Mickey’s monkey children

    I know it sounds like I make this stuff up really I don’t

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