bobby micky pointing
“Look at this guy!”

“Oh, no. Oh, no: look at this nut right here.”

“This fellow right here, lemme tell you about him.”

“Take a gander at Mr. Sunglasses-and-T-shirt.”

“Oh, we all know I’m having a giggle: it’s Bobby Weir, ladies and gentlemen. My friend and bandmate for 50 years, Bobert Herbert Walker Weir.”

“What a kooky guy.”

“Godammit, Bobby, what’s my name?”

“I want to say The Living Armadillo, but I know that’s wrong.”

“Are you all fucked up on pills?”

“All? No. Not ‘all.'”

“I’m calling Phil.”

“No, no, no. I’m cool. You’re Billy. Your name is Billy. I was playing around with you, Billy.”

“Close enough.”