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The King…And: High!

After the umpteenth skippination of the Bobby Blues number, I’ve decided I can no longer even pretend that the Dead were any good at playing a straight twelve-bar. Even C.C. Rider, which I always had a soft spot for.

This is how you play C.C. Rider:

Two things about that Elvis performance: as always, the great Ronnie Tutt on drums; and, in the sizzling light of truth that only shines on Sunday mornings, we can see that the King is heroically fucked up on pills and sandwiches.


  1. I’ve always liked the Ian & Sylvia version from Festival Express. They’ve got a great rhythm section for a couple of Canadian talk show hosts. Is that even their band? I don’t think Delaney or Billy K. were in their band. Doesn’t matter.

    Dig Jerry on George Harrison’s rosewood Telecaster. Dig how happy Jerry is.

  2. I blame Mickey. 12 bar doesn’t play to Phil’s strengths either, but I think Mickey wants more.

  3. Seriously, though: that whole stage concept would work for Ratdog

  4. Heroically fucked up really does it justice – I love how he pretends to play some rhythm during the guitar solo, looks at his guitar as if it’s the guitars fault, and then just decides that giving a sexy look is the way to go.

    And man, fuckin Ron Tutt is crushing it in this song.

  5. Four. Words : “It Hurts Me Too.” Also…Pigpen in general.

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