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The Last Of The Summer Shorts

bobby phil jerry vince paf

Hey, guys. Casual Friday?


Cool. Oh, hey: Vince. Haven’t seen you in a while. Whatcha up to?

“I’m dead now.”

Always bringing a lot to the party, Vince.


  1. Anchovy Rancher

    January 23, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    What’s up with the Dockers, Phil?

  2. Phil looks fatter than Jerry here. What’s up with that?

  3. Phil needs a sombrero here.

  4. This is, by far, my favorite non-Grateful Dead Grateful Dead recording. Well worth a listen:

    • Mine too. I had a cassette of this one in my car back when cars had cassettes in them. Jerry tries to show up but ends up being kinda heartbreaking anyway, ’cause 1994. I thought Attics in its original form was kinda awkward – a mostly good idea that wasn’t sure what it wanted to be – but it’s gorgeous and haunting here.

      I don’t think we don’t talk about Jerry enough as a vocalist, or backing vocalist, or a rhythm guitarist. When he does those things it’s usually just exactly perfect in my estimation and I think says a lot about his musicianship. See: Vocal punctuations to Bobby’s lead in late-80s Masterpieces, the fills played during the verses in Samson, falling back to rhythm in any straight-ahead JGB number.

    • Also: Turns out that Vince is just fine on piano and I wish they let him play a real instrument – ie. Something not out available for layaway at Caldor – with the electric Dead.

      • A thousand times this. I don’t really listen to much post-Brent Dead, but if this guy were on those tapes instead of the guy with the Casio keyboard who plays at my local airport Hilton, that might change.

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