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The Law Won; We All Lost

I found it, Enthusiasts: Friday the 13th is turning out to be the luckiest day of all time.

You know I love nothing more than a sincere, acoustic cover of a rock song. The dumber the song, and the more authentic and woke the white dude covering it, the better. It’s not a true SAC (Sincere Acoustic Cover) unless the singer’s doing his best James Taylor impression. (Vocally, not the part where he beat the shit out of Carly Simon for years), and this one’s got everything.

You should listen. (Award for anyone who can make it through the entire song; I certainly couldn’t.)


  1. I made it to 35 seconds in!

  2. I’ve heard of beating a dead horse…..

  3. The bridge starting around 1:10 is epic in it’s badness. It almost shook me, but I rode the (tranquilized) bull till 2:35. I have trouble resisting a good challenge.

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