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The Long And Shorts Of It


This is a situation in which “Look at this bullshit here” simply won’t cut it, mainly because no two people would agree on which particular bullshit they were supposed to be looking at.

For there is so much bullshit to look at here.

  • “Acid-washed” did not mean what Phil thought it meant, but he wore the jeans anyway.
  • Donald Trump would think Bobby’s guitar was classy as fuck. (By the way: there is no phrase in the English language more self-negating than “classy as fuck.”)
  • Bobby’s got a tan line somewhere, but I’m not looking for it.
  • “ACE RACK.” Because “BOB RACK” would have taken so much longer to stencil.
  • Maybe it’s a good thing that Phil’s bass doesn’t have a head on it, because every other head in this picture has a ponytail or giant Aunt Lilian glasses attached to it.
  • Billy and Brent got into an argument about whether Bobby’s tank top was teal or turquoise and the show had to be delayed so they could swing weed-whackers at each other to settle the discussion.
  • “So, I can’t perform completely naked? Huh. So, what’s the next worst thing?”


  1. Phil has just had a realization. Either he has to take a piss real bad, or his real age came to him in a way that made him begin standing like an old man.

  2. Missing from this picture: At least one of Phil’s sweatbands; a rationale for the rhythm guitarist in a rock and roll band to have more electronic gear in his rack than went to the moon on the Apollo landers.

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