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The Lyrics Of Ruben And Cherise, Without Research

Cherise was brushing her long, black hair.
She had such long, black hair.
And Ruben something down.

Cherise was brushing her Carnival parade.
At the Carnival parade.


If you could see my heart
And my legs of blue
I’d show them to you
It’s only you.

When I woke up,
Mom and Dad were rolling on the couch
Rolling numbers, rock and rolling

Stop it.

Got my KISS records out.

That is Surrender by Cheap Trick.

I am almost positive that it’s Ruben and Cherise.

Do you mean Rubin and Cherise?

Have I been misspelling the fellow’s name?

You have.

That doesn’t make me any less of an expert.

You barely know the song.

I don’t listen to Jerry Band, and the Dead only played it mumblemumble times in the Vince era. Of course I don’t know it. Don’t know Wave to the Wind, either. In fact: I may have never heard that song.

What if it’s a classic?

Then it wouldn’t be named Wave to the fucking Wind, would it?



  1. Quote unquote ” Not necessarily a real standout show (though the Ruben & Cherise was cool), but one that was big fun to attend. After the mad dash for the all-general admission seating (a tsunami of Guatemalan clothes and patchouli if there ever was one), speculation immediately began about a small drum kit, acoustic guitar and bass up on stage in front of the Dead’s gear. Eventually, someone came out and announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Violent Femmes.” The Femmes popped out and played a surprise, dynamite 45-minute set that had all of us pogoing along. And just off of stage left stood Bruce, Mickey and his son laughing their asses off for the entire set.

  2. TotD doesn’t listen to JGB?

    • JGB was consistently competent and not ridiculous. Apparently the opposite of what TotD looks for in musical entertainment.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      February 5, 2017 at 1:13 am

      I like the Legion of Mary–you know my love for Ronnie Tutt–but the majority of Jerry Band is just too damn slow.

      • Ha, yeah it was your known love of Tutt that made me scratch my head. As always I respect your opinion, despite the existence of all those killer JGB jams 😛

  3. wilbard, are you new here? welcome! jerry band is frequently derided by mr. thoughts, but in so many cases he is so right about so many things that i have begun to question my own enjoyment of jgb. it is one of the sacrifices that i willingly make, because TotD is the best EVAR!

  4. I thought there was a Hunter version where he sings, “The ghost of Cherise held in his arms,” or something close.

    As for Wave to the Wind, I always thought Wave to Wavy Gravy would have been a better title. And did anyone notice that the We Want Phil chants seemed to happen much less often after this song debuted?

  5. As someone who has limited time to listen to tunes , I almost always pick GD over JGB. I like JGB but it doesn’t put a tap in my toes like Good Ole Grateful Dead. I quit going to shows after Brent passed away , so I missed Liberty , Wave to Whatever , Broken Arrow and the other crap they attempted with Vince. I very rarely listen to anything post coma.

    Does Jenkins have the same thoughts on JGB ? Is Jenkins still alive ?

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