billy crazy book signing

“This bullshit even about us any more?”

Kinda. What are you doing?

“Writing the new book.”

That’s your old book.

“I’m writing my new book on my old book. That way when I get discouraged, I’ll see that I already wrote a book, so that means I can do it.”

Benjy did the actual writing.

“Contractually, he has to deny that.”

Sure. Where is Benjy?

“Murdered. Give him a minute, he’ll be back. I’m glad to see you, Ass. Very exciting change of direction we’ve taken.”


“Since the tour ended, I’ve been traveling the world, anonymously protesting capitalism through skank. Ironically, my works have now become worth millions.”

Please don’t say–

“I’m Skanksy.”

–you’re Skanksy. Billy, this is just weird. And confusing.

“The book is now called Exit Through the Merch Stand.”

Still confused.

“Don’t get me wrong: it’s the same bunch of skank tales, but I added some artsy-fartsy bullshit. I also told the story about that time I gave some skank an Artsy-Fartsy.”

“An Artsy-Fartsy.”

“An Art–”

What’s an Artsy-Fartsy?

“I Dutch ovened her in front of a Vermeer.”

I’m still confused.

“It’s art, man.”