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The Miles Flew By

Miles Davis 69518-17aYou didn’t go for subtlety in your automobiles, did you?

“A black man can’t drive a Ferrari?”

A black man can drive whatever the hell he wants! I was referring specifically to you.

“You saying I ain’t a black man?”

You have the worst interpersonal skills I’ve ever seen.

“Suck my dick, honky.”

Simmer down, Mr. Davis. Which Ferrari is this?

“1967 275 GTB/4. 3.3 liter V-12 with six carburetors.  How many carburetors your car have?”


“So, I win.”

I don’t think that’s how technology works.

“Shut the fuck up. This car was designed by Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti. Who designed your car?”

A guy named Richard, according to the internet.

“White motherfucker.”

Why would you assume that?

“What’s his last name?”


“Hyphenated white motherfucker.”

Sure, probably. Didn’t you end up crashing all of your cars?

“I bought ’em: I can do whatever I want with ’em.”



  1. Miles has sort of a Neal Cassady thing going there in that post photo. Although he’d undoubtedly deny it.

    I wonder if there’s anyone who can do a Neal Cassady speed rap voiced like Miles Davis.

    Convincingly, I mean.

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