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The Only Thing That Could Distract Me Today Was Me

The softcover version of So Many Roads: The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead by the great David Browne is coming out, and you can buy it here. even if you have the hardcover, you should spend a couple more bucks and get this version: there’s a new chapter on the Farewell Shoes, plus–and here’s the important part–a blurb on the back cover from yours truly!

Check it out:


And if that’s not reason enough to lay your Tubman down, then look at the expanded love TotD gets in the front of the book:


If we’re being completely honest, I would have preferred the People blurb to separate Steve Silberman’s quote and mine; certainly not out of animus: it’s an honor for my words to appear on the same page as his. But, Jesus: Steve’s quote is all grown-up sentences and Rashomon references; he sneaks a “hitherto” in there!

What do I have? Idiosyncratic punctuation and “purchase the fucker.” Someone nail a dunce cap to my skull and push me into traffic.

We end on a high note, though, in that TotD is now anticipating a large payday from Mr. Browne or his publisher. Exhibit A, Enthusiasts:


I have told you this before: I stole choogle first. I stole it fair, and I stole it square. It’s my word now.

Also, Bobby owes me money for the “Let Trey Sing” shirt, and Peter Shapiro still owes me 50 bucks from the webcast I purchased but did not watch.

Why are you still here? Go purchase the fucker.


  1. yours is better than silberman’s.

  2. occidentalpoppy

    April 22, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    If we didn’t love you for all the other reasons we love you we would love you just for “semi-defunct choogley-type band.”

  3. Didn’t Creedence Clearwater Revival record a song called “Keep On Choogling?” Was this a secret Message To Garcia?

  4. I have a friend who describes chooglin, as in chooglin on down to New Orleans as.. sort of walking like an R Crumb character, with big hippy hair and you have a rhythm going and your hair gets a sort of counter rhythm going. I think it takes curly hair to make this work, Bobby Hair would not bounce correctly.

    That walking style.. is in his opinion … perhaps chooglin.

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