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The Phuture Phucks You

phish jm 2043

Wilbard made this, because he could, and I am posting it, because I should: it is a thing of beauty, only to be surpassed by how annoyed it will make Phish Persons.

So you should certainly not send it to all of the Phishies you know. Definitely don’t do that. Whatever you do, don’t put it on Phantasy Tour under the title “Make Phish Great Again.” Oh, no.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    July 21, 2016 at 4:11 am

    Phish Thee Well

    Well Thee Phish

    Well Phish Thee

  2. Holy shit

    Those look strikingly real

    I kind of want to see Old Trey also?

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