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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The Pop Star Fled Across The Desert, And The Guitar Player Followed




“–can we…oh, good: you’ve renamed yourself again.”

“I am occupying another personality cluster; subscribing to a different memeplex; inhabiting a new personal arcology of motifs.”

“And, I can do tricks. Watch me, John! VROOM!”

“Nice Segway.”

“I bought it from Kanye, but I’ll probably end up giving it to some naked people.”

“The circle of life.”

“I also had a great idea for my show for the next tour.”

“Does it include a drum solo?”


“Is the entire idea ‘drum solo?'”



“Mrs. Katy Jean.”

“–I realize that your hallucinogenic travels have opened up your mind to new musical possibilities, but you’re a pop star. Gotta play the hits.”

“I will write new hits. New hits about jamming untested psychoactives into oneself, and also girl power.”

“Bodily autonomy extends to the metaphysical realm, I suppose.”

“And the Grateful Dead will back me on my stadium tour.”

“They won’t do that.”

“I will pay them.”

“They’ll do that.”


  1. Loser site. What are you nineteen. Your first dead show 2009. You’re probably Phish friends. Also you probably don’t even know where you’re photo was taken. Pyramid lake Nevada. Trying to relive something your parents never were even alive for? Go bury yourselves there. THAT would be a statement. Keep trying to find your own identity.
    Peace and love. – Amy E. Perna

  2. Boxed wine and seconal might cure that^

  3. A new contender for CotD.

  4. I have never seen that much anger in this comment space @Amy, wow. I am left with enjoying The Gunslinger reference. Thanks ToTD.

  5. I completely understand the bannination of my comment as it did serve to support at least one the points made above, it was very early in the morning and I was not quite right yet. I apologize for my adolescent submission. However, given that the combination of alcohol and Seconal can result in something truly final, my suggestion appears quite benign, although slightly misogynistic. No offense Spencer…

    • What was your comment? I missed something here. I wasn’t advocating suicide, It just sounded like somebody needed a nap. I know I do.

      • I was replying to Amy. This is probably the most peaceful comment section on the interwebs. I found her anger a little misguided.

  6. Boy, things are getting a little testy in the C-Section, aren’t they?

    I’m just glad that Thoughts on Katy Perry week is (hopefully) over. When does the Guns N Roses retrospective start?

    • Be Careful what you wish for.. From the frying pan to the Fire…

      Actually I am loving the Katy Perry psychedelic Journey, though perhaps after circling the world it has reached an end, or maybe she leaves the planet and we get a new series.

      I personally hate to think that GnR comes next, but I will take what I love (Katy, Wally, Red Stool) along with what I like less ( Football, Kiss, GnR) for when it is good it is very good.

      When it is football he is usually upset and drowns his sorry in a 70’s show or Roy Head. So it all works out…

      Heck even 1977 had a Sunrise by Donna about every third show.

  7. MORE Mrs Katy Jean!!! You 19 year old loser Phish phreak!!

  8. MORE Mrs. Katy Jean!! You 19 year old loser Phish Phreak!

  9. 19 year old Phish Freaks Unite..

    Who are you ?

    Where are you ?

    How are you ?

    ToTD’s parents are out of town, lets turn on the black lights, get out the lava lamps and party in his basement.

  10. Has to be comment of the day; if it weren’t only January 9th coulda been a contenda for comment of the year.

  11. Made a Wally Vid..

    Once I posted it I wish I had put Garcia’s Paris in the Rain image in there..


  12. Dark tower reference makes me happy

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