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The Pyramidial Tracts

Egypt was a problem, a disaster, a lovely vacation, an apparently epic party, the setting for about a hundred pages of Kesey’s late-period hairy-chestedness.  The third show was decent; the tapes are readily available. There are even videos:

Now, understand that this is not a fan video or something shot on an iPhone, mostly because it was ’78, but also because this is the official film. The best they could do.

So, no triple-album with limited theatrical release film attached, no recouping $650,000. Bupkiss. On the other hand, the Grateful Dead played in front of the Pyramids under a total eclipse.

So, God bless America, huh?

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  1. I guess they eventually cashed in with the Rockin the Cradle album they released a few years ago…

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