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The Real Pride Of Cucamonga

phil seated fender

Another in a series of photos of our boys with borrowed guitars, this one’s a little more easily identifiable than the last: this is from that weirdo benefit at the Rambler Room at Loyola on 11/17/78, which I’ve linked to before, but there’s no such thing as too much Acoustic Dead.

Eagle-eyed Enthusiasts will note Phil’s trousers, which he stole from Stevie Wonder. One might also note that this picture might have been snapped by either a pervert or a german Shepard or a perverted German Shepherd: rarely does a photographer not named Mapplethorpe make “crotch” both the intellectual subject and the visual vanishing point of a shot.

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  1. Since I’m being all bitchy and judgmental about gear, I’ll say that I’m happy to see this. I firmly believe that all anyone NEEDS is a p-bass.

    Also, nutsack!

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