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The Road Is Open!


Enthusiasts, this is your fault. You encouraged me, and gave me money and compliments, so now you will be bothered by my mercantilism.

Second shirt is up and for sale; I have taken your advice and this one is available in multiple colors (including white and light-grey for summer wearing) and you can also choose between the unisex version shown above, or a women’s-cut shirt you can see on the page.

Also: I appreciate both your custom and your advice. PLEASE let me know if I’m fucking up, or forgetting something, or accidentally included a swastika in my design.


  1. A little too fast for me. My wife will freak if I buy another $30 t-shirt. Also some text on the back about “the road to Little Aleppo” maybe “it’s a hard truck but god will forgive you the miles ” or something else verging on poetry.

  2. Worth every penny, good job!

  3. I’m gonna have to get a second job so I can have all these sick references shirts. Keep ’em coming, ToTD.

  4. decals, yo

  5. So if I wear this and someone recognizes it.. what should I do?

  6. Please design a shirt representing the best years of GD history…1972-1973, of course.

    I dig the WoS 2016 shirt, and of course I bought one. Keep up the nice work.

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