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The Sky Was Yellow And The Stream Was Blue

deadandco poster gorge

They’re going all in on Those Fucking Bears, aren’t they?

I like this particular shade of yellow; other than that, I have no opinion. What do you think?


  1. Conceptually, I like the contrast between the happy bears and the darkness of the skull/skeleton imagery; it really gets at a core tension in the Grateful Dead ethos. Execution-wise, I’m pretty ambivalent.

  2. Sigh…I’m sure Uncle Sam and the Ice Cream Kid liked to fish. Could one of you Photoshop guru’s put them in this poster in place of the FUCKING BEARS?

  3. i am tired of the bears. i like the fish skeleton. the daisies should be roses.

  4. Skeleton Phosh (Fish).

  5. SmokingLeather

    July 23, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    Does anyone else think that the fish skeleton is a reference to phish being at the George last week?

  6. Why the bears? Why Why Why?

    That artist gave us this from last year, washington DC.

    My favorite

    • Also..

      They should be fly fishing…
      and that fish has a salmon-ish head, but the tail is all wrong.

      Just kidding, take the usual deadhead entitlement and add a desire to fish like I used to before work/life and you get that sort of attitude. 🙂

      • “They should be fly fishing…”

        • Well here goes

          • Tor, I read your response about upload issues and thought HUH?

            Then it all made sense. I wasn’t uploading the original source file.

            That’s my Flyfishing partner sacked out on s hot day…

      • Tor, before the kids came along i was an avid fly fisherman. My friend used to tie rasta themed poppers and stealie poppers for bass/pan fishin, I will upload a pic when I find em.

        • Before the kid and now after for me. They hit a point where you get some free time back.

          Looking forward to seeing those poppers.

        • Spencer,

          I recall you mentioning something about trout or stealies before (meaning steelhead, not your face)

          Fishing takes time, once you get your gear in order for the first trip of the year, the second trip comes easier, but I get out once or twice a year. Need to try harder.

          Does anyone else always find that fly rod pic with the steal your face reel when searching for GD pics on google?

          Reasons to stop global warming.
          The fish, the trees, the crops, the coast.


          • Lake Ontario and it’s tributaries have some fine steelie runs and resident browns etc. Muskie,pickerel, bass and panfish at the cottage……Ontario has roughly 250 000 lakes, take that Minnesota!

  7. The is a place called George, Washington?


  8. Can anyone tell me why I get an “error: file not recognized, must be jpg…etc.” message when I try to upload a photo using the Choose file option on here from my camera roll (all jpg files, it’s what Apple uses) but when I use “take a Photo” option on here it works just fine. They’re the same files….

    • Tor is the resident expert on this, hopefully he can help you out.

    • This may be the issue, but there may be others, we all have issues. 🙂

      Jpegs can have a few extensions, at least jpg, and jpeg

      One works one does not. Your Mac however will accept both. Particularly if you have chosen to have your finder hide extensions, you may see no difference between tor.jpg and tor.jpeg


  9. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    July 25, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Bears happily fishing in a polluted river – a new low point in Dead&Co posterdom!

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