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The Spam Is Getting Creepy

The film was a critical and financial success, with Walters earning praise for her first major film role. A casual relationship begins between Dave and Evelyn. But before long, Evelyn begins to display symptoms of borderline personality disorder

The spam has changed recently, Enthusiasts: it’s squeezing through the filters and vaulting over the firewalls, and it is smarter. It’s in coherent sentences now, instead of the randomly branching list of words it used to be. Also, the post that spam was attached to was entitled “Play Misty For Me” which means the Master Spambot in charge recognized my language and altered its strategy to defeat my defenses. Who just got real scared?

The new breed of smartspam is all from Hotmail addresses, which is a step up from the .ru IPs they used come from, and I’m not lying about their intelligence. Look (and as always, I just copy-and-pasted it):

So this is the place they thought was just a regular spa – and a better spa choice than the one on their own luxury cruise ship?

Now: that’s in response to a post about the Olympics in which I must have made a joke about the American basketball team staying on a cruise ship, and it’s just close enough to making sense for me to have stared at it for five minutes the other day.

Some are still just threatening:

We must visit a doctor now. — Мы должны посетить врача сейчас. We must visit a doctor tomorrow. — Мы должны посетить врача завтра. Мы не можем здесь сказать must , потому что время прошедшее! Поэтому спокойно используем эквивалент must — have to !

And a little confusing–why does it take so long to say that you’re visiting the doctor tomorrow?–but mostly a threat because the entire Russian language is a threat.

And look who else showed up:

Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn’t honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!


I vote we go back to CB radio and afternoon newspapers.


  1. Afternoon newspapers were the BEST MEDIA EVAR! Complete and accurate sports reporting, concert reviews of later shows from the prior night, and something to get smart with after a numbing work day, and before the evening beer made you stupid again. Our civilization fell off the rails when the eager beaver coffee swilling morning people killed off their more mellow and thoughtful late-sleeping print counterparts. The interwebs were just the decorative nails in the paper coffin, which stained your sweaty hands if you held on to it too hard and long . . .

  2. How bout a Ham Radio broadcast

  3. So sad what we do with the great things we have.

    So it goes.

  4. resistance is futile.

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    August 30, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Breaker breaker good buddy, catch your 10-24 on the flip-side. XM4200-1-niner.

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