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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The Thin White Duke

I’ll let the professionals eulogize the man, and explain him to us; enough to listen to what he thought, I always believed.

This is from his Berlin years: he was primarily composed of cocaine and advance copies of Vogue. Plus, he was living with Iggy Pop and weighed 94 pounds.

He still looked better than you.

(Also, the band he has here is an absolute Murder’s Row featuring the angular Adrian Belew playing the impossible parts. There is also a Brecht/Weill cover and a violinist in aviator shades. Again: cocaine.)


  1. Mr. Bowie’s personal assistant on this tour was “Mr. Coco Schwab.”

    Can’t make it up:

  2. Adrian lived in Ohio in the 80’s, (maybe he still does)

    He did this little Popish thing called the Bears, played really small and smaller places, it was both neat to see him play in tiny venues, but it made you wonder what the heck was up with that, but then again it was 1985/86 folks where into Duran Duran or something, I dunno.

  3. Man this show is good, thanks..

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