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The Towel, It Does Nothing

mickey billy walton

  • If you combine all the facial hair in this picture, you have two full beards.
  • As always, Bearded Mickey is terrifying.
  • Even Billy looks a little scared of him.
  • But Bill Walton?
  • Bill Walton’s keeping his eyes on Billy, because Bill Walton was taught to play defense by Coach Wooden.
  • Mickey looks like an orthodox rabbi condemning a woman for wearing shorts.
  • If Billy was a true friend, he’d give Bill Walton his mustache.
  • Lincoln and Alexander Godunov in Witness: these are the only men who have ever truly rocked the chinstrap.
  • In about ten minutes, someone’s dick is getting punched and it’s gonna be over someone getting a towel while someone else didn’t.
  • When it comes to towels, the Dead always had a Favored Nations clause in the contract: if one Grateful Dead got a towel, then all of them got a towel.
  • It prevented a lot of dickpunching.
  • Bill Walton looks like Wooly Willy.


  1. be nice

  2. The “Walton Wooden Wooly Willy” should be a Ben & Jerry’s flavor w this pic.

  3. btw, is that some paint behind Walton’s head or is his hair in pig tails?

  4. Bill W., styled by Mr. Tumnus.

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