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The Victory Lap Continues

What’s going on here?


I don’t think so.

“Did I win an Emmy? Because if I did, I got a great speech on diversity in my pocket.”

Not the Emmys. Oh, wait, I know what happened. You were named a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. Congratulations.

“Um, thanks. Big honor. Question.”

I don’t know what a Goodwill Ambassador does, Bobby.

“Then I have no questions. Well, no. I have many. Do I get diplomatic immunity?”

Probably not.

“What about other sorts of immunity?”

Like, to diseases?



“So, I can still get rabies?”


“Important piece of information. What about parking?”

You’re not a diplomat, Bobby. You don’t get free parking everywhere.



“Not really seeing what the benefit of this new gig is.”

It’s an honor. You’re gonna work to end Climate Change.

“Sure, sure, yup. Uh, how?”

Singing cowboy songs at it?

“Oh. Well, then, they picked the right guy. Any pay come with this job?”

No, but you can yoink some merch from the U.N. gift shop.

“Well, that’s pretty sweet.”

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  1. Awesome. I’m sure he’ll do well in that role.

    Way to work rabies into the conversation. Rabies should have a ribbon color. Why not, right?

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