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The Waters Of Lake Minnetonka

2/15/73 in St. Paul: nothing special, honestly. There’s a HoF He’s Gone right up front,a You Ain’t Woman Enough amuse-buche from Mrs. Donna Jean and some adorable harmonies on Here Comes Sunshine, but there’s no big jam–the Phil-led Playing barely makes it to 15 minutes and there’s neither a Dark Star nor an Other One.

But…life is short; listen to ’73. 


  1. Just curious – is this title a reference to that old song about Lake Okeechobee? Peace.

  2. Nope: the classic Purple Rain.

  3. Never heard of it.

  4. Well…..I think there was some Purple Rain blotter at Alpine one year. Oh, wait – wasn’t he Weezie Jefferson’s kid?

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