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The Wrinkle Was Sold To Me As A Crease

This is from Rolling Stone back in May. The great Jesse Jarnow interviewed Bobby about Dead & Company, and the new ’77 box set, and bliss. I was not mentioned, even obliquely, and the article lacks for my absence. Bush league move, Jarnow.

Stop that.

People should talk about me more.

Okay, champ. Get to whatever stolen premise you’re gonna half-ass while you procrastinate doing your big-boy writing that you’re so proud of that no one will pay you for.


Point out the lie.

It’s all true, but the tone was a bit much.

You deserve it, plus more.

That’s true, too, but it still hurts.

Get to it.

Anyway, Dead & Company’s summer tour is well underway and Enthusiasts everywhere are still a bit perplexed as to what this so-called “wrinkle” is. It must be subtle, whatever it is, so allow me to make some guesses and also steal some from the internet:

  • Entire band going commando for performances. (“It makes the jams freer,” Oteil says. “Makes it easier to take my dick out,” Billy adds.)
  • Jeff Chimenti changed conditioners.
  • Some video screen bullshit?
  • It can’t be Mickey’s clogs; though I have no evidence, I will state definitively that the wrinkle is not Mickey clip-clopping away back there.
  • And it can’t be Oteil singing lead, either, not from the sentences that follow the stuff about the wrinkle.
  • Bobby, what the fuck are you talking about?
  • I demand the great Jesse Jarnow get Bobby on the phone and make him explain himself.
  • Everyone go bother Jesse on Twitter about it.
  • Give him no respite until he answers our questions.
  • Call him names!
  • I’m not gonna tell you to stop again.
  • I was done.
  • Good.


  1. Robert Hernandez

    June 17, 2017 at 12:48 am

    New wrinkle = the shows are (for the most part) inferior to the previous two tours.

  2. There are some video screen moments where you go.. WTF is that all about.

    For example during Jack Straw they have an attractive woman twirling in a mountain meadow. I think it was also used on Bobby’s camp fire tour, so she is not totally hippie, but simple outfit, could be hippie, could be little house on the prairie minus the bonnet.

    So what the heck does this twirling woman have to do with Jack Straw? I mean Jack Straw is about Murder.

    Anyhow, I thought that was the wrinkle, well an attempted wrinkle

    • On top of that they have absolutely ruined Jack Straw with the weird pacing and phrasing. Stretches of herky jerky noodling so long between erses you almost forget what song they’re playing.

  3. Bobby’s banging a tambourine

  4. He was being literal. Their fans skew old. The grateful deads and their company (specifically the video guys) put some shit up on the telescreens and the audience members each get a new wrinkle from squinting until their old eyes focus on it. Tada. New wrinkles.

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