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The Year Of Incompetence

We have already established that 2016 is the year that the 20th century dies, Enthusiasts; each day that passes, each paper thumped against the welcome mat, each new though, and every new prayer proves me more and more correct. I would like now to add to our understanding of this terrible year: 2016 is the Year of Incompetence.

Bias! the internet says; and, Rigged! the voters moan; and, Crooked! and Corrupt! and so on, but these accusations are not the truth: incompetence is salted soil from which 2016 grows, gnarled and mean. Trump’s fatal flaw isn’t his arrogance, or racism: these are merely the by-products of deep lack of knowledge about the both the job he’s currently doing (candidate) and the job he says he wants (president). The man does not know what he’s doing, but–and here’s why this is the Year of Incompetence–30-40% of the electorate does not see this as a disqualification.

Here, Enthusiasts, I was going to be fair and balanced and declare Hillary Clinton among the incompetent, as well, but that’s one of the things she’s not; if you tell Hillary Clinton to start a war, and she gets shit done. She goes into meetings with an agenda, keeps to a schedule, remembers not to insult dead soldiers’ mothers: all that base-line stuff you want in a chief executive. In terms of competence, Hillary Clinton is above the Mendoza Line.

The NFL managed to fuck up grass today; yesterday, the Olympics could not handle water. The internet is collectively dumber than a car full of masturbating gibbons. Suicide Squad made $135 million. Dipshittery runs rampant, and–the worst part–has become normalized.

Doesn’t anybody here know how to play this game?


  1. The Gibbons family lived three houses away from me on the street I grew up on…..The mom was my grade three teacher……I am in pain from laughing…..This is the type of car they drove.

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