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There Are No Accidents

Here’s something nifty and right up TotD’s alley: Garcia sings Zevon (and plays piano, too!)

The song is a great one, Accidentally Like a Martyr, but it’s a note or two out of Garcia’s range. He does, though, get a neat little semi-solo on the electric Rhodes in the middle of the tune, and this might be the only known recorded performance of Parish on drums. Garcia has apparently told him that the merest glance at the cymbals will result in harsh treatment.


  1. Alot of people thought that Jer was on Warren’s “Transverse City” LP. He wasn’t. Probably, Waddy Wachtel had raided Garcia’s effects board or some things though and made off with some stomp box/rack gear…

    David Gilmour was on Transverse City though.

    Warren sure wrote good commercial jingles for radio and TV. I’m not about to tell you which ones. It was his “Mama needs a new pair of shoes” period.

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