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There Is Another

Yes, there is a Cleveland Dark Star, and that is the massive and Proustian Dark Star that the Dead played at the Public Hall in December of ’73, but there is another Dark Star from the Land of Cleve that you should be aware of: 10/28/72, also at Public Hall.

This version is almost perfect in its 72-ness: modular and composed of several notable sections, rather than the flowing and dynamic weirdness of the 44-minute ’73. Plus, it goes into Sugar Magnolia, which is the most ’72 thing a Dark Star can do.

The whole show’s great: spend your Saturday in Cleveland.


  1. I’m pretty sure the Rowan Brothers (Chris and Lorin, not Peter) opened the show. Their keyboard player was David Grisman, who had produced their debut album on Columbia. He would play organ and electric piano, and then electric mandolin on one song. All lost in the mists of time.

  2. Cleveland…

    One of the 3 “If I have the world to gives” happened there.

    Nov 20 1978

    They mostly played public hall in Cleve, it seats 10,000

    But in 1981 they instead played 2 nights at the 3,000 seat music hall.
    78 was music hall as well.

    • The 1981 Cleveland shows (March 2-3) were on a Monday and Tuesday night, between weekends in Chicago (Thurs-Sat Feb 26-28) and Pittsburgh (Thurs-Fri 4-5) and DC (Sat 6), at Cole Field House (U of MD). Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden followed.

      In Chicago, there wasn’t much of a concert market in the Winter, even on a weekend, because if you couldn’t take the L, you weren’t going. Cleveland was probably pretty similar, particularly on the weekend. Ohio is cold in March.

      If a band is on the road, and doesn’t play, they are just paying hotel bills. Even if they play a smaller place, it pays the bills that get you to the big payday nights.

      • I was there on March 2, 81. It was my first show. I remember it was normal March weather for Cleveland, somewhere around freezing.

        By the way California Corry.. Cleveland was always ready for music, rain snow, hail, cops, parents or the national guard we were good to go… 😉

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