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Theremin, Heremin, Sheremin: Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Min, Too?

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Hey, Mickey. Got a theremin?


And baseball gloves?


Sweatbands on lockdown?

“They ain’t going anywhere.”

Barn full of people to listen to you whomp on stuff?

“They ain’t going anywhere, either.”

You happy?

“Pig in shit, man.”

Cool beans.


  1. New Theramin since last year. I never hear it make the usual theramin sound, wonder if he uses it to control something else, or what?

  2. Of course, he’s managed to snag the worst instrument of all time. Well, besides the train horn.

  3. A theremin is basically a didgeridoo with an oscillator. Can be very brutal aural experience in the wrong hands. Hopefully it had a bunch of delay on it.

  4. Ok, now I get it. A misheard lyric all along

    Theremin–I can’t figure out
    Theremin–If it’s the end or the beginning
    Theremin–but the train’s got its brakes on
    And the whistle is screaming

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