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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

There's A Band Out On The Highway To Hell

Garcia never hired a hitman, but Parish did kill some people for him on spec.


  1. I had the thought the other day, “Women Laugh and Children Scream” would sound totally different if Bon Scott or maybe Dio sang it.

    • If Dio did it, the children would be screaming because of the re-TURN of the King of the DRAAAAAAAGONNNNS.

      (Admit it: you just read that in Dio’s angelic voice.)

      • Of course I did. You know, I wasn’t a huge fan, but when he died it hit me way harder than I expected. He was just such a lifer. I guess it was seeing him live with Black Sabbath–I always wondered from his records, is he really serious about that stuff he sings? But he looked like he was in on the joke and just having a great time rocking out.

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