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They Delivered The Bomb

Here’s why my brother is the best brother: I sent this to him and said, “This is the greatest film ever made.”

BotD responded, “No. It’s four of the best movies ever made mixed together and starring Nicolas Cage in all of them. It’s a WWII flick, a Titanic ripoff, a shark movie, and a courtroom drama. All starring Nicolas Cage, whose sunglasses are crooked.”

Smart guy, my brother.


  1. i WILL be seeing that movie.

  2. no movie starring Nicholas Cage can ever be truly great, unless someone like David Lynch or Abel Ferrara can intervene and ironically take advantage of Nicholas Cage’s inability to be anyone on screen other than Nicholas Cage.

  3. He’s right! It’s the perfect quadfecta.

  4. I’m a little behind on my movies, I just saw Lord of War a few weeks ago…

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