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They Did The Monster Mosh

peter shapiro happy

Did you wear your Phish shirt on Friday and Sunday?

“Don’t bust my balls, jackass.”

Great show this weekend.

“All the bands were great, weren’t they?”

God, no. Several stinkers. I was talking about the production side of it. Looked good, everyone sounded happy, big crowds.

“Shitload of VIPs.”


“Fewer skunk ape attacks than ever.”

That’s good.

“Only two kids eaten by Shenandoah Howlers.”


“The Snallygaster invasion was repulsed.”

How many cryptid species are involved with Lockn’?

“There’s also the Lockn’ Ness Monster.”

Walked into that one.

“Honestly, the place is rife with monsters. It’s how I got the land so cheap.”

This makes perfect sense, actually.



I can’t tell you’re stoned.

“Oh, good. I was worried.”


  1. right after this he asked Dreiwitz for a handie. then they both agreed never to speak of it again.

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