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They Tolerate Each Other

Other news organizations have Men on the Street, but here at TotD, we employ a Head on the Rail. Comment Section Warlord Ste4ve has sent us these shots from New York tonight, and they’ve been fun, but I like this one the best:

IMG_2625And this one’s awful sweet, too:

IMG_2631And no assemblage of grateful Deads would be complete without five or six minutes of fucking around with amplifiers and equipment:

IMG_2630Here’s another picture, just because:

If you blow that picture up real big, you will see that Bobby appears to be an insane maniac. I did not notice that before posting it, so let’s score that as a bonus.


  1. Can’t say as I’ve checked, but this must have thrown the Rumour Mill into an uproar. Chaos!

  2. (Oops, I mean the Rumors Mill. Not the Canadian one. Okay, them too.)

  3. Now, we can see that it’s true.

  4. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    November 5, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    great! microphone photo-bomb, no?

  5. “They tolerate each other” actually scans, if the song is done with a classic roots reggae feel, lyric emphasis on the last syllable of “tolerate”- “they to-le-Rate each other.”

  6. After further review, I have come to believe, it was at least, A , Cumberland of Power.

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