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They’ve Got Five Years

Speaking on behalf of all* Enthusiasts, TotD would like to congratulate Phil and Jill Lesh on Terrapin Crossroad’s fifth anniversary. 70% of all restaurants close during their first dinner service, so this is an accomplishment; doubly so for a Grateful Dead For example, the place has not:

  • Burned down.
  • Gone bankrupt.
  • Been stolen by Ron Rakow.

It’s been Phil’s lifelong dream to own a restaurant, for a narrow definition of the word “own”: Phil really just wanted to be treated like he owned a restaurant; the actual running of one was something he never thought about, mostly because it’s non-stop agita and drudgery punctuated with the occasional busboy rebellion.

Five years! That’s 260 Taco Tuesdays without a visit from the Health Board or Gordon Ramsey, plus no one has pooped on the bocce courts in quite a while. Lovers have met, friends reconnected, deals made. While we cannot know precisely how many people have humped in the bathroom, it is certainly a non-zero number. TXR has seen some wonderful nights since it opened. Also, Twiddle played.

Before Terrapin Crossroads opened, there was no Baby Levon. There now exists a Baby Levon. Did TXR somehow influence the choogle to create life? Again: we cannot know.

Anyway, congrats to Phil and Jill and all the other Leshes and the busboys. May you have another five years, or wake up tomorrow, say “fuck it,” and sell out to Sizzler: whatever makes you happy.


*I speak for you now.

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  1. I live a couple of hours from this place and I still haven’t been there. Its on my near-future bucket list along with the UCSC archive.

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