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tank man tianamen

Happy May 35th, Enthusiasts. Chinese censors banned all references to Tiananmen  June 4th online, so people started calling it May 35th, among other things. In 1989, the students wanted democracy, but the Communist Party leaders wanted to run them over with tanks. Guess which group got what they wanted.

No one knows how many died, and no one knows Tank Man’s name. I’m sure someone wrote it down right before he was executed, but they haven’t told anyone so far. He was carrying plastic shopping bags, as if he had wandered into a war during a trip to the store; I wonder if they catalogued it. Head of cabbage, two red snapper, four-pack of the wrong size lightbulbs he was going to have to return the next day. Did it get photographed, and put into evidence? Or did some soldiers divvy it up in the field they dragged him to, and then tossed the bags, which skipped like stones across the grass and had no idea at all what they’d been part of?

Happy May 35th, everybody.

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  1. Has anyone written a song about him?

    Did they eat him after they killed him?

    Was it Racist?

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