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Thing 2: The Re-Thingening

Photo of GRATEFUL DEAD and Bob WEIRHey, Bobby. John Mayer get you that watch?


From 2001?


What about him?


From the Terminators?

“Yeah, all of ’em.”


“Yul Brynner.”

Gonna take a guess and say that you’re talking about Westworld.

“Every time a robot or a cyborg or a laptop computer wakes up, boom. Come to life, kill all humans. Hello world; goodbye people.”

It does seem a well-worn trope.

“I’d like to see a super-computer come to life and then want Mexican food.”

Mexican food is worth gaining sentience for, honestly.

“Johnny Five is alive…and wants some chile rellenos.”

“At any point in the film, did Ultron make Iron Man give him a blowjob to settle a coke debt?”

You are mixing at least three things up.

“I might have just made that up, along with the twenty minutes at the farmhouse getting to know the boring character’s family.”

Oh, that happened.

“The young lady who pointed at stuff: what precisely were her powers?”

As far as I can tell, she harnessed the power of red. Also, computer graphics.

“Y’know what wasn’t super-powered?”

Her accent?

“Her accent, yeah. Both of them, really. They sounded like they were from Mooseandsqurrelvia.”

“I’m just gonna lat my cards on the table: I did not understand the story.”

It made no sense. No sense at all.

“I liked it well enough.”

It was loud and colorful and had robot-punching monsters and monster-punching robots.

“That it did.”

“Why did Thor do that thing in the water?”

Absolutely no idea. Made no sense.


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  1. My son and I saw it yesterday, too. If an eleven year old boy can’t explain it, then I don’t know what to say.

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