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Things Besides Taco Trucks That Should Be On Every Corner

  • ATM.
  • Water fountain.
  • Public bathroom.
  • WiFi hotspot.
  • Hot dog stand, but only with big yellow-and-blue umbrella with “Sabrett” written on it.
  • Cart selling those giant pretzels with the grains of salt as big as a child’s knuckle.
  • Dog to pet.
  • Fat guy in Hawaiian shirt giving out high-fives and compliments
  • Pit of quicksand, but with many signs warning you of the danger, so you could avoid it; that way, no matter how bad your day was: hey, at least you avoided the quicksand.
  • Art of some sort would be lovely.
  • I would say those leave-a-book/take-a-book library boxes, but I am sure that perverts would stick various pornographies in there immediately.
  • Canadian Mountie in full uniform giving directions.
  • In summer, wading pool.
  • In winter, trash can fire surrounded by hobos in fingerless gloves warming themselves.
  • The musical stylings of Miss Patti LaBelle, y’all.
  • Registration kiosk for Federal Service: remember, service guarantees citizenship.


  1. Sorry to just slap this here but… The DEA is going to make Kratom a schedule 1 substance on Sept 30. I am a 40 yo Enthusiast, and have been an Enthusiast since I was 14. I had never heard of kratom until my RLS (had it since childhood) became unbareable a couple years ago. I learned about it as a natural therapy thru an RLS discussion board. It eliminates my symptoms without bad side effects, which all prescribed meds caused me. It is a leaf from a tree. Here is a petition if you care to sign it…. I thought some folks who hangout here would be understanding. Again, sorry to just throw this out here, but I feel strongly about this issue and hang here a lot.

    • That is pure fuckery right there, a good friend of mine uses it for crippling anxiety, it seems like a better alternative than the myriad of pills Dr.Feelgood was prescribing (Benzodiazepans and the subsequent dependence on them). It is still widely available in Canada if that helps.

      • Thanks Spencer. I’d probably end up pulling a Bobby Probert at the border tho, can’t afford that situation. Will see how the election turns out, maybe we will end up living in a cabin near Hornepayne before too long.

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