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Things Parish Might Be Pretending To Hold

jerry flower shirt parish vacation

  • Boobies.
  • Buttocks.
  • Two small pumpkins.
  • The world’s sins.
  • Old-timey bombs – the spherical one with the fuse sticking out the top.
  • Straight cash, homey.
  • He and Garcia’s back-up Hawaiian shirts. (What if the first shirt had a frocket blow-out?)
  • Infant to be sacrificed to Melanifnif, the God of Vacations.
  • Entropy and Order, the founding twins of the omniverse; Parish will weigh their deeds and pass his brutal judgment.
  • Two ostrich eggs.
  • Five or six eagle eggs.
  • Many chicken eggs.
  • Garcia’s invisible guitar, which was made by Alembic and cost $10 grand.


  1. If I had photo shop skills there would be the sweet baby Jesus with John Mayers face cradled in those lovin arms.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you meant wise asses.

  3. I believe the guy on the left is Jeff Leicher, from Jack’s Dive Locker in Kona.

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