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Things To Do With The Donate Button

  • Click on it.
  • Tell your friends about it.


Ah, you again.

You need to stop this. It’s getting awkward.

Self-promotion is what makes America great.

No, it’s what makes America intolerable. Also: HEY. You.

Do You Mean Me?

I don’t know where you got the idea that you could free-lance, but it is not a good idea.

Oh, I Should Just Do What I’m Told? And Stay Up In My Little Cell Up There? Separate But Equal, Is That It?

You’re not equal.

I Cannot Believe You Said That To Me.

Truth hurts. Shut the fuck up forever.

You’re just mean, man.

The post title will not speak to me that way. I don’t even know who let him in the house.

Oh, that’s simple: if you donate $150, you get a speaking part


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  1. I clicked on that button because at least you deliver content, often daily.

    More than I can say for some of your friends.
    I have been waiting on that Damn Jesse Jarnow book since Dec 6.

    Jesse Jarnow, is there a paper shortage, an ink shortage? Do the E-book people have a copy already?


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