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Things TotD Would Rather Do Than Smoke From This Bowl

  • Read aloud from the Necronomicon.
  • Tug on Superman’s cape.
  • Piss in Parish’s cereal.
  • Whip it out in front of the pope.
  • (New, cool pope.)
  • Say, “What could go wrong?” before undertaking a new challenge.
  • Disregard the stories about the abandoned amusement park and break in with some attractive, diverse friends for an evening of doobies and pre-marital sex.
  • Walk under a ladder.
  • Whistle past the graveyard.
  • Kill an albatross.
  • Break a mirror.
  • Kill an albatross by breaking a mirror over its head.
  • Pour my own sake.
  • Not pour some out for the homies.
  • Taunt the IRS via social media.
  • Assume a cop has a sense of humor.


  1. There are guys smoking bowls here

    Like literally right in front of us

    Not discreet at all lol this is fucking gr9

  2. That Bowl is simply terrifying, and good luck Maggie

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