Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Think About What You’ve Done

Jeff on organ
Are you trapped in there?

“I’m in Time-Out.”

Well, you wanted to be Al Capone.

“Al Capone? I was smoking a joint in a Toyota!”

Don’t rationalize your anti-social ways.

“I’m not a criminal.”

What about the counterfeiting?

“Okay, that’s a crime, yeah.”

They take that one real serious, too.

“A government that sees any humor in faking its currency is not a government for very long.”

True dat, Jeff Chimenti.

Can you get out of there?


Why don’t you crawl under the piano?

“Mickey put his duffel bag full of raccoons there.”

Oh, I haven’t seen those critters in a while. How are they?

“Rabid, vicious, smart, strong, and many.”

Yeah, that’s them.


  1. What are all those 5 inch white hoses that look like ductwork laying around?

    In front of the B3 two short segments, behind the steinway a long sinuous hose?

    Some super smoke-out automated alien machine bong I suppose.

  2. Dad… Pls save me from my misery

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