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This Is How You Do It

Draymond Green wouldn’t laugh at Marvin Gaye. (Okay, maybe he’d giggle at Marvin’s last name.)


  1. The Marvin Gaye rendition of the Star Spangled Banner always beats the Hendrix version in my book, Hendrix’s rendition is about the only other version I can stand as it is. Though it might have been done to tweak Agent Orange, Fergie’s rendition at yesterday’s NBA All Star Game was the equivalent to an audio abortion. If nothing else it proves that her career was built entirely on dressing like a slut & Will.I.Am’s constant usage of Antares Auto-Tuning. They might as well have gotten Roseanne Barr.

    Though you have already posted the platinum standard of National Anthems, this would have been a far better version even though it was a massive fail. The coach pulled it off. Draymond should have done the same thing yesterday as it would have been at least more entertaining:

    Whitney Houston also did a killer straight ahead version at the 91 Super Bowl. Let us remember that Fergie had in ear monitoring whereas Whitney’s monitoring was the echo of the stadium through the PA. Helps if you actually have talent:

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    February 20, 2018 at 11:07 am


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