Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

This Is Not Ibiza



“Remind me again what all of this is.”

“The event of the weekend, apparently, Puss. In all of America, this is the place to be.”

Tout le monde.”

“So I was informed.”

“Has America always been this dreary?”


“And hairy?”

“That’s recent, I believe.”

Plus ça change.”




“When is the drop?”

“The drop?”


“No drop. I believe they have peaks.”

“You seem to know so much about these mongrels and their little jingles.”

“I had taken a “Deadhead” as a lover during my time in Goa; he fell from a tree and died.”

“You do such interesting things.”

Tout le monde.

“Oh, look: the little gnomes in the back are banging on things.”








“You have such interesting thoughts.”

“Let’s find some illiterate beardmonsters.”

“God save the Queen.”

“And her distant cousins.”

“Them especially, yes.”


  1. ok so again I’m seeing a picture of two blond chicks conversing did u mean to put that in there??????????????? wth??????????????????

  2. i did not see anyone there who looked like that. that is disturbing.

  3. the two women — not the gnomes.

  4. They’re with the band. Billy, I think.

  5. Promising to the sharp sword all the glittering prizes,
    The cars, the hotels, the service, the boisterous bed,
    Then power to silence outrage with a testament,
    The widow’s tears forgotten,
    The fatherless unheard.

    Wrote Auden in “Oxford,” thinking of Birkenhead. We live in an even more vulgar timeTotD. Only amusement — and maybe a little acid — can soothe us now. Thanks for doing the good work.

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